Is God real? Does God exist?
Know how and where to look!
How to engage with God. Recognise God’s presence.
Believe in God and build Christian faith.



Many of us ‘thinkers’ are led these days to accept that both ‘belief in God’s existence’ and ‘Christian faith’ can never be based on sound logic.

And look, I understand how difficult it is for so many people, in this day and age, to accept those possibilities. Completely understand! I was once a very serious atheist myself. 

But if you are coming to a stage in life where you are questioning possibilities, you will actually find all that is needed as a starting point for ‘belief and faith’ is an open mind. And I can say that with complete confidence.

(I am from a senior auditing background and the majority of my advisory team are Christian clergy. To glimpse the ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of this website please click here.)


This article actually introduces the website’s primary (or main) section, “Journey of faith”. Please see the Menu Bar above.

The article provides basic guidance on how each of us can come to believe that God is real, i.e. he does exist. It also explains how, as a result, we can accept Christian faith for ourselves. And hey, if we can do that, then we can also have our lives transformed. As a serious ‘old thinker’, I am still amazed at the truth of that statement. I really do mean it!

Other following sections of the website go on to support the guidance offered here, in this main or ‘primary’ area. I want to make it clear that there is no suggestion of ‘wishful thinking’ on this website. And no fairy-tale gods!


Thinkers, i.e. analytical people (I guess like ‘you’ the reader), often find it hard to accept Christian faith as a way of life without first knowing how to ‘believe in God’. I mean how to prove to themselves that God does exist. And yes, that is the way I am ‘wired’ too.

So, for me, one of the most important goals in my journey of faith was to find the evidence for myself. And when I write “evidence” I mean stuff that could truly convince me that God was real. Supported by my auditing background, I have laid out what I mean in the article,“The framework for evidence”.

Where then do we start our search for belief and faith? In simple words, we just begin our journey of faith.

3.1    Our journey

From my own experiences … and I am going to try to make it clear … God is more than willing to reveal his presence; prove that he is real. And that means to each one of us. That is when we do open ourselves to him, in the way he explains to us through the Bible.

In essence, we begin our ‘journey of faith’. Take our first steps. We open ourselves to the one-on-one ‘personal relationship‘ that God wants to share with us. The article following this one explains how we do that in greater detail, but importantly we follow a few basic steps.

Firstly, we need to join a church; a fellowship of faith. And within the Church, we get together to learn and worship. Evidence of his ‘presence’ can also be recognised there (Heading 4 below) as he connects; engages with us. And I am including the possibility of strong personal evidence at that. Evidence that is just for you!

Secondly, we start to absorb the messages of the Bible. And, you know, I’m not saying we need to be experts at first!

Thirdly, we begin to apply our growing Christian faith to our daily lives (Heading 5 below). And that actually opens our lives to God’s close and positive involvement there! Meaning more evidence for us. Now I realise that all this stuff may look too good to be true, but stay with me please!

3.2    Evidence equals benefits

The fact of the matter is that when we do open our lives to God – in this way within our journey of Christian faith – the evidence that flows to us does in turn give us benefits. The more broadly we engage with God, in church and within our everyday lives, the more he can provide his loving care; his ‘grace‘ to us. (Of course conditions do apply, and they are explained through the website.)

Look, I am largely referring to real benefits (Heading 7 below) within our present lives. Like now!


The most important aim of churchgoers, as committed Christians, is to worship God. We praise him for his greatness and what he has done for us in the past, and still does for us now in life.

For beginner Christians, our ‘church of choice‘ is an important place for building knowledge of God and our potential relationship with him. That is, it should guide us all in our search for Bible-based knowledge.

As I have written elsewhere, I personally did try to build belief and faith without the Church. And no, it did not work anywhere near as well! So, please don’t waste your time with that idea.

Importantly though, as far as believing in God’s existence, the Church has a lot to offer. With guidance, I assure you that we all can certainly come to recognise his actual presence there in church services, as he engages with us. This evidence may be ‘subtle’ at times, but it can also be very ‘solid’ if you are in the right place.

4.1    Subtle evidence of God

In more traditional/ mainline churches we come, as a minimum, to recognise God’s subtle connection with us individuals and the congregation as a whole. That includes for examples the way he ‘sets up’, or orchestrates, messages to each of us and also to the congregation as a whole, throughout the service. The number of prayers of request, in that fellowship setting, being answered by him is also worth recognising.

These little wonders never fail to impress good old analytical me. Please access the article, “The subtle stuff of God in any church” to read more on the subject.

4.2    Solid evidence of God

BUT, if we choose to attend fellowships in the Pentecostal/ Charismatic movement then we may witness, or even experience, quite obvious evidence of his presence there. It can be so real to us. I am actually referring to evidence I call ‘palpable’ or virtually ‘tangible’. That is, personal evidence of God being there. Proof that is definite to you: ‘irrefutable’. Absolutely!

It does not matter what doubts you may have right now, you just need to be genuinely open-minded as you move into that area of the church. The Holy Spirit will lovingly do the rest.

I offer a ‘taste’ of what is available there in the article, “Experiencing the Holy Spirit“.

4.3    ‘Final word’ on God’s presence in church

I am so firm in what I have written above aren’t I? Maybe you can accept that subtle evidence just might be witnessed. But my use of words like ‘palpable’ or ‘irrefutable’? Well!

I know how crazy it can look to people with no exposure to the movement. And look, I didn’t have a clue about this stuff before checking it out. But as that auditor, I was at the time, I just went into unfamiliar territory and tested it for myself … decades ago. I can truly write, “I’ve been there, done that!” And I know it still goes on now!

Please check out the article, “Is this Spirit stuff real?” As the name implies, it describes how I put it to the test for myself. It includes my analysis and final evaluation on the subject.

Many articles dedicated to guidance on how to build faith and belief, through church attendances, are presented in the website section titled, God in church”. Please see the Menu Bar above.


Once armed with some knowledge of what Christian faith offered me in theory, I began to open myself to God in day-to-day life. I mean through the relationship with him that I found was awaiting me. Remember the article,”A relationship with God” follows the article you are now reading.

And yes, getting back to the subject, I began to identify evidence there in my life that also came to help me ‘believe in God’.

5.1    Beginning to engage with him there

With guidance, it should even be possible at first for you to locate some subtle evidence of his presence by looking back through your life. I am meaning even while you were still an unbeliever. Some advice on how you can do this is provided in the article, “God’s guiding hand” for example. It is the first article in the subsection of the same name, “God’s guiding hand” – under the Menu Bar heading “God in life.”

There are many methods that God uses to guide us. We can, for example, intentionally look to his guidance in life when faced with hard choices. Even ask for it!

By actually opening your life to God, and engaging with him through faith, that evidence will again become much more obvious and positive. That section of the website, “God in life” has been developed to guide you on how to connect broadly with God in your life. We can for example turn to him in prayer whenever we are faced with challenges.

5.2    As our relationship deepens

Stronger evidence of the Lord’s existence will become obvious as you begin to shape-up an ongoing, reasonably faithful and trusting relationship with him. And as our trust in him grows, from my experience, so does his efforts on our behalf. There are a few articles on that subject in the “God in life” section. The article, “Trusting God with your life” is the final one.

That is, it all becomes quite obvious as your faith grows and your relationship with God deepens. And then the evidence does pile up. (Again see Heading 7.) We end up just recognising his ‘grace’ as an expected and very important part of our lives.

You know, it’s all just a matter of ‘more of the same’, ‘more of the same!’ Yes, eventually it just seems … natural … to us. That is, the positive effect of his ‘grace’ in our lives.

And as I found it necessary for myself, please remember that reading “Our amazing Bible” is also an important process in our faith journey.

5.3   ‘Final word’ on God’s presence in our lives

Yes, his existence can certainly become very solid within life as our faith becomes ‘sound’. Again, see the article, “Sound Faith” later in this main section for an explanation.

Remember there are many articles, dedicated to applying our growing faith to life, presented in the website section titled, “God in life”. They range from beginner Christian practises all the way through to practises used by deeply committed, highly experienced Christians. That last group come to develop the ‘sound’, very rewarding, faithful relationship with the Lord mentioned above.


There are certainly other directions you can take to gain knowledge of faith and belief in my opinion. In particular, I recommend attending an Alpha course. These are available in 100 countries across the globe. Over 24,000,000 people have attended Alpha, so it’s got to be doing something right!

Churches offer these courses through the cities, suburbs and out to far flung towns. Just look out for the advertising banners. The courses basically allow participants to explore life, faith and meaning in a relaxed, respectful and fun manner. No pressure. And usually, with a ‘free feed’ to boot.

The course provides an understanding of Christian basics. What Christian faith is about. It also explains simply how to engage with God in our lives through the use of that faith. And it offers the chance, at least, of actually experiencing God’s presence in a way you may never forget. Looks impressive? I hope so.


His loving care, on both a daily and whole-of-life basis, awaits each of us. That actually becomes more and more obvious as we travel along in life with him as our companion. He really can positively affect our lives when we use those practises available to us, that I described earlier, like prayer and looking for his guidance as examples.

7.1    Where it can affect our lives

Yes, we get the evidence we need through applying faith to our lives, and we gain positive rewards as a result. Be aware though, I am not meaning stuff like fame or fortune … because there is much more to life than that! I really mean there are far more satisfying outcomes waiting for us in life.

And of course there is more to Christian faith than just thinking of ourselves anyway. But none-the-less God wants, above all else, to ‘lovingly’ walk with each of us through life!

Typically, God will assist with life issues such as spiritual path, family life, personal relationships, education, career and daily work, helping others and any church ministry we might be involved with. Even issues like choosing important assets for use in our lives are included. Yes, I write all this as a result of that ongoing ‘evaluation’ of mine. Again, this website explains how we can engage with God and receive his ‘grace‘ within our lives.

7.2   Really placing our lives in perspective

And when we do get to that ‘place’ in life? Again… Well! This stuff actually relates to words like “meaning” and “purpose” and “contentment” in relation to life. In the longer term of course, the Bible offers us eternal life in return for our faith. Not that many of us dwell on that too often, even once we do have faith. But the offer is always there. 

There are formalities to meet during our faith journey, such as committing ourselves to Jesus and trying to lead lives that are ‘not just about ourselves’. As I have implied, it will all ‘feel right’ as it comes together during that journey.


In summary then, as far as ‘believing in God’ is concerned, it largely happens through recognising his loving care and the way he works for our benefit in life. In one word: “grace“! It all happens during our journey of growing faith, as the Bible actually explains – both in our chosen church and our day to day lives through the use of that faith.

And I want to make it clear that we all must be sure our ‘belief’ in God is always based on “evidence” which I am certain is available to each of us! For example, do not forget his openness in the Pentecostal/ Charismatic area of the greater Church. He can make his presence so very clear to each one of us there.

The closer we walk with him and engage with him, as indeed he wants us to, through sound Christian faith, the more real he becomes to us. And as a result the rewards, such as ‘real personal freedom’, unfold in our lives. The final article in this section of the website explains all about that.

The website’s last section can provide a basic understanding of Christianity. If you feel the need for ‘belief’ and ‘faith’ in your life, then please read on through this website. Just like me, I am sure you will find that it is a good idea to care whether God exists!

So, is God real? Does God exist? Can we believe in God? If so, will it help us in life? Oh yes! To each question.

Please give it a go!

Continue to the next article, “A relationship with God“.


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