Faith’s top gear

How to lead a more contented, purposeful life
through complete trust in God.
Fully engaging with God.
Opening our lives to God’s loving care.



You can read the introductory article to this section of the website, “God’s presence in our lives” before going on, if you have not already. It explains the various methods, available to us, that we can use to engage with God in our lives. And how our lives can be positively transformed as a result! It also puts those available methods, and our overall relationship with God, in perspective.

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This particular article is also closely related to another, “Sound faith” in the website’s primary “Journey of faith” section. It may be worth reading it when you have the chance.

Let’s now get into the subject of this article: trusting God with your life. As we move to this level of faith, i.e. trusting God with our entire life’s direction, we finally shift into top gear in our walk with him; our faith journey. We ‘fully engage‘ with him, accepting our ‘responsibilities’ as we do so.

The articles in this section of the website, that precede this one, have led us to this point of deep faith and its potentially positive outcomes.


The Lord knows us and our abilities, personalities, vulnerabilities etc. And he loves each one of us. So, of course we should engage with him in the big issues of life as I have already suggested. Even more so, I say! I am meaning: our faith journey itself, the direction of our education, jobs/ careers, long term personal relationships, parenting and grand parenting, helping those less fortunate than ourselves, acquiring major and necessary assets, assisting with church ministries etc.

2.1    Engage and communicate

At this stage of our faith journey, i.e. in top gear, we should regularly talk to him about all major aspects of our lives. I mean sit down, in a quiet place, and discuss it with him. Pray! A subsection has been devoted to “Prayers of request” in this section of the website.

And really look to his methods of guidance in your life. Again, when you do follow that guidance, then look forward to receiving his helping hand; divine providence in your life as it rolls along. Again, the links above provide guidance on all this.

Lastly, and oh so importantly, it is vital for us Christians to know how to spend ‘bonding’ time with the Lord. Then, of course, find the time to do so! Indeed build up our ‘faithfulness’ (I explain later). A major article, in this section, relates to “Mature prayer”.

2.2    Relax and trust him

So yes, as explained, if we are deliberately following his guidance in all ways, he will support us as our lives ‘roll out’.

Essentially, feel confident to trust this holy process in action within your life! As explained in those earlier articles in this section of the website – with links highlighted above – relax into the path ahead knowing of his love for you. If your personality or natural vulnerabilities, e.g. anxiety or self-doubt, initially stand in the way then ask for his help. Trust him!

And if progress slows or deviates from where you ‘thought’ you were headed in the long term, then just relax and talk to him yet again. Look … I admit it … this one still catches me out occasionally. But I just remind myself of the issues that are holding progress back, and then completely open myself to the Lord through prayer and trust.


‘Divine providence’ – as explained in the article, “God’s helping hand” – can be utilised by God within our lives on a daily, weekly, monthly or even whole of life basis.  He will do so if we are, in turn,  faithfully following his guidance. And, as a ordained clergy friend of mine (one of my team of advisors) puts it, if we are ‘in sync’ with God in that way, then all his potential loving care can be bestowed upon us. God’s loving care equals ‘grace!’ But remember he does have expectations of us. And explanations do follow.

I have already used the Bible verse below in that previously mentioned article, “God’s helping hand”. The verse applies equally here. It clearly indicates that he wants to be involved in all areas of our lives AND he will assist if he is invited in!

In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.
[Proverbs 3:6]

3.1    What God wants from us

If we can hold ourselves in faith’s ‘top gear’, his loving presence becomes so obvious. In effect, the closer the relationship we have with him, the more we can trust him in his guidance.

We firstly try harder to live the way he desires of us – as made clear in the Bible. We live ‘faithfully’. And I feel the need to highlight that God really wants us to include that outlook in our life journey. It should indeed be factored into our lives. The article,”Christianity Explained” offers a basic understanding of our religion. An understanding of ‘right and wrong’ within Christianity is presented in the article, “Christian rules and laws”. As far as God is concerned it is all about ‘love’.

We are for example told to care deeply about our fellow human beings. As such, selflessness (i.e. the opposite of selfishness) is another ideal that God expects of us on our life journey. Well, he at least wants us to try very hard to be selfless. Yes, some of us are ‘hard-wired’ to the contrary, but God is always ready to help us change when we ask. And, if we do have that failing, it is a good idea to ask regularly I guess.

Finally, we try to become that person that God intended us to be (based on our real ability, personality and life circumstances). Yes, from my experience, he will guide us in that direction. The article “God’s guiding hand” again gives an overview.

3.2    Will it be worth it?

You may still be wondering whether the sacrifices you have to make in life by leading a life of faithfulness, as God wants of us, are worth it?  Mmm, yes, I did think that way myself initially, and it did take me just a while to try it out! I should have done it much earlier, because the greater contentment etc gained through this walk of life can be profound. I can assure you of that! Please have a look at the article, ” What does faith offer us?“.

But the man who looks intently into
the perfect law that gives freedom,
and continues to do this,
not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it –
he will be blessed in what he does.
[James 1:25]

And as we move along in this way, trying to live our lives as he desires of us – becoming useful members of the community, attending church, spending time with him in prayer, caring for his other children (our fellow human beings) – our relationship with him ever strengthens. Our faith becomes more effective. Our love towards him grows even further. And again he can assist us in life ever more lovingly as a result. He becomes so very, very real.

3.3    Realistic expectations

Again I write with the utmost confidence that this is absolutely what to expect, if you can get to this level of faith, and then apply it to your life. And at this stage of writing advice in this website, I make no apologies about the acceptability of what I am expressing. Yes, it is that real and rewarding!

I have evaluated and re-evaluated the impact of taking this approach of just trusting the Lord over the years; handing over the ‘big ticket items’ in life to him. And as I often state, I have checked with other committed Christians and clergy. It really works! As I have highlighted already, the most ideal long-term results possible for you – and all others impacted by your actions in life – should actually be the outcome. That is if you do deliberately and confidently trust God in this way. He will react with downright loving care throughout your whole-of-life journey.

But, there are no promises intended here, in my writing, that relate to being forever healthy and wealthy: trips abroad, new bigger houses, luxury vehicles, big new appliances, more money in the bank etc, etc.

And, please remember what I have also regularly advised throughout this website: he makes no promises that you will never suffer emotionally or physically in life. Everyone suffers at some point. God does not make bad things happen to us of course, but rather allows the ‘dice of chance’ to roll. ‘Whatever happens, happens’. Even so, he will be there to guide and support you during those hard times.

3.4    ‘Potholes’ in our journey of faithfulness

Now God knows that we are human and will never be perfect. And in our early days of faith, it is more likely that we will live a little unfaithfully to him at times. From my experiences again, I can assure you he will give you hints when you do disappear down a ‘pothole’, as such. That is when a lack of faithfulness to God, possibly through bad choices in life that we have developed, threatens our ongoing relationship with him.

And as our relationship with the Lord deepens further, again from my experience, he does expect greater faithfulness from us in our day-to-day lives. The related warnings from him, i.e. tough love, become much more obvious at that stage in our journey of faith. In effect, we just have to ‘repent’; turn our back on those bad habits. I am of course referring to wrongful (sinful) behaviour.

And I write confidently, we will know he is not pleased with us in these circumstances!

It all takes effort. Yes. But the sooner we ‘draw a line under them’ (repent for good) the better. We just cannot expect to gain the full outcome of God’s grace in our lives, related to our very purpose in ‘being here’, if we do not. Please see the article, God’s tough love” for a better understanding.


It is actually here, through that full trust in God, we can truly find ‘ourselves’ – the person that God intends us to be! The real me. The real you.

We just put our complete faith in him, and follow his guidance in all the big aspects of our lives. In effect our lives are in sync with God’s wishes for us. We then find that he will offer ‘strong and tangible support’ to us as we do so.

I am definitely not writing this article as some sort of theoretical exercise. No, I write it from thirty plus years of personal hindsight. That is, the result of that lengthy audit of ‘faith in action’ within my life. In other words, I slowly but surely proved to myself that all this Bible-based stuff has a sound basis and actually works for us in life. (Again, please click here for the ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of this website.)

And to find ‘ourselves’ in this way … and come to enjoy greater contentment and freedom and purpose in our lives … we also find God as a rock-solid presence there!


Without doubt, God is interested in all facets of our lives. Out of his love for us, he really does want to be involved! Please see the article, “God in the workplace” as an example.

Eventually though, all aspects of our life journey can profoundly fall into place. We can become confident whether we are on the ‘right track’ in life or not! In other words, our lives are given real purpose. We will as examples become ‘enabled’ through our natural gifts and skills to help others effectively beyond our normal capacity, and become productive/ useful members of society and in our communities.

We should also be led towards a well rounded life: no obsessions; a contented balance of God, family, church life, study, work, helping others, friends and just plain enjoying life to the best of our ability. Access the previous article in this website section, “Trusting God day to day” if you would like to begin this ‘trusting’ stuff on a simpler scale.

But bear in mind too that the pace that this all happens is between each of us and the Lord. We each take the steps we feel are required of us. Deep faith and its Bible-led commitments; its positive outcomes take us beyond merely believing in God. Well past that stage.

Inevitably, as well as being ‘The Boss’, God can come to be our constant companion, confidante, helper, counsellor and, yes, the closest of friends.

I also add that occasional graphic evidence of God’s presence, after decades in my own walk with him, still comes as a surprise to me. The ‘magic’ of it all never need end in this life, I can assure you!


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