Who is he, the author of the majority of articles on this website? Well, his name is Peter Wise. He is a married male with a grown family, and also a grandfather. Peter is Australian.

A retired professional, he started his civil/ public service career as a ‘bean counter’. Peter confided that during the 1970s and much of the 1980s, as he practised accountancy, he saw it as quite a boring profession. During the late 1980s he shifted to a line of specialised professional work, Internal Auditing, that called for objective evaluation and consulting. It required lots of analysis and that was ‘right up his alley’.

Interestingly, as far as Peter is concerned, he actually became an Internal Auditor about the same time that he began to seriously ‘trial’ Christianity for himself. He also joined a fellowship of faith, i.e. a church, about the same time.

During the last three years of his career, Peter led an Internal Audit team belonging to a diverse and complex organisation with some 10,000 employees. He reported directly to the CEO, and relevant executive committees. Peter wrote a bit more about his career, to highlight how God can assist us in our education/ career/ jobs, in the article, “God in the workplace”.

During his personal life he has certainly experienced some challenging events. That included the loss of a very close loved one, and his own serious health issues. So his life has certainly not all been ‘smooth sailing’. Mind you, in hindsight he states that his life experiences, summarised above, grounded him during his faith journey.

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