Christianity offers many benefits to those with faith.
Meaning, purpose and contentment are examples in life.
Honestly, rational ‘thinkers’ can find the evidence!



All sorts of thoughts can rattle around in our heads on this subject, in the lead up to trying faith for ourselves. And I am sure you know many of the questions that ‘try us’: Should I care whether God exists? Is faith relevant to me? Does God want a relationship with me?

And they often arise after some event or events in life have ‘rattled our cages’ eh?

You know, the old ‘there must be more to life than this’ wonderings?

The simple truth is, as far as old analytical me is concerned, there is no more important ‘place’ to get your mind, than being ‘ready to believe’ in God. My own path from atheist to believer, is explained in the article, “Too good to be true?” That is, how Pete the auditor (me) found all the evidence he needed. (With help from his qualified team I must add).

Maybe all this stuff might seem a bit too grand to contemplate for you right now. But wait until you have managed to get yourself in a position of sound faith. (To read about the ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of this website please click here.)

And where would you begin, if you were ready?  Well … try reading the article, “How to  believe in God?


We are told that the practise of Christianity, in life, offers humankind many rewards including:

  • a meaning and purpose to life;
  • greater contentment in life;
  • importantly the ability to gain more control over life and its outcomes;
  • an ability to better cope with physical and emotional pain, AND;
  • eternal life.

NOW if you are a ‘naysayer’, an atheist, are you thinking “wowzers!” to bullet point number five? Although we might often try to forget the issue, there is no denying that an underlying and major reason for people ‘chasing’ religion is the desire for life beyond physical death. (Christians refer to it as being “saved.”) Simply speaking, life after death is clearly a part of the faith ‘package’ that people seek.

Anyway please read the article, “What does faith offer us?

Yes, a good number of us human beings seem to miss those elements (above) in our lives, at some stage, and we guess at least that they should be found through Christian faith. That is, if only it could be ours!

Well … I am suggesting this is all achievable as far as Christianity is concerned? Indeed I do! But I fully realise, because I’ve been there, how hard it can be for an unbeliever to even ‘contemplate’ that those words above might have genuine truth in them.

Obviously, the only way to find out if all this stuff really is available to you is to trial it for yourself.


Yes, if you genuinely do try Christianity for yourself; fully embrace it, then you really can change your life for the better! As Jesus explained it for us, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” [John 14:6]

And I do not mean this in any ‘over the top’ pious sense. Life as a committed Christian is, above all else, just plain more satisfying!

This website offers guidance on how we can prove to ourselves that God actually does exist; we can ‘believe in him‘. Much of that proof comes from receiving God’s ‘grace‘ in our lives; positive outcomes will arrive again and again. (But not to be confused with fame or fortune.)

Hardened atheists may insist that all this stuff cannot be true, but they are just plain wrong. Like me, when I too was an atheist, they just have no idea about where to look for ‘genuine evidence‘ or receive the positive benefits.