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You can read the introductory article to this section of the website, “God’s presence in our lives” before going on, if you have not already. It explains the various methods, available to us, that we can use to engage with God in our lives. And how our lives can be positively transformed as a result! It also puts those available methods, and our overall relationship with God, in perspective.

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This article discusses how we can engage, or connect, with God in the workplace. I happily write that it pleases God when we do engage with him in every area of our lives. And from my experience, his guidance and assistance can certainly be recognised in a positive way there within our education, jobs and careers. That is if we do engage with him there.

In my own case, I came to recognise God guiding and assisting me in the workplace, well past the accepted ‘gauge’ of ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. (Again, to read about the ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of this website please click here.)

In this article I offer: my own examples of how he positively guided and assisted me in this area of my own life; how he can do the same for you. 


Firstly, God does expect each of us to engage with him there in our education, career and jobs. He wants to be involved, so as to prove his loving presence there. And of course to steer us towards the best direction possible in this area of our lives (and the lives of other people who will be affected).

Importantly too, I must explain God’s expectations with regards to our jobs (in addition to engaging with him there of course). The Bible’s New Testament (e.g. Colossians 3:23), explains that we are expected to ‘do our best’ in our jobs. We should, in short, do what we are paid to do and do it to the best of our ability. Now I fully realise we don’t all have employment that we enjoy, but we are still expected to do our best. There can be satisfaction in that alone, as I well know from boring jobs that I have held in the past!

Of course our actual ‘choice of job’, or employment, is also important to the Lord. We cannot expect him to assist us in a career where we are involved with “harmful” services being delivered to the community.

Bear in mind too, Christian-based ethics should play a role in all of our work actions and decisions. For example, each of us in the workplace should concentrate on the genuine needs of our fellow workers and our clients/ customers /patients/ students etc. And we should treat them all as we would expect to be treated ourselves.


Each of us have been ‘formed’ with our own personal abilities, and indeed failings. We have been ‘shaped’ by factors such as our genetics, life experiences and education. We are simply ‘who we are’ as a result. Now God knows all this stuff about us, and in turn knows exactly what we are capable of. And he can, as a result, effectively assist us in our careers and jobs through ‘his guidance‘ … if we let him do so. Yes, he does have a ‘plan’ for each of us, within our work lives, as a result. I am talking about helping us to: bring about best results for our fellow humans; reach our full potential with regards to job satisfaction and sense of purpose. Of course again all this relates to the real needs of ourselves and those of our clients, customers etc.

Please do not forget we can also ask him for advice, on any issue facing us in life. As far as our careers or jobs are concerned, he will respond to our requests for guidance or assistance there. Please read the article, “Asking for God’s guidance”.

And when we do follow God’s guidance as Christians, again in any area of life, then his providence (‘God’s helping hand’) will be recognised there in varying degrees. Note that there are also other issues important to him, affecting his guidance and help towards us, such as our ‘faithfulness’ to him. Please see info under sub heading 3.2 in the article, “Building sound faith“.

Now, even though you do engage with him as suggested so far, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever miss out on expected promotions or lose a job. There may well be some difficulties ahead, and I have added a bit about that later in this article. But, we just need to keep trusting him. If we are trying to be faithful to him in life, then most things will slowly but surely work out for the best. Bear in mind, again, I am writing more about our ‘needs’ (and the needs of others) here, rather than our ‘wants’ or ‘wishes’.

3.1  God’s ‘guiding hand’ in our career/ job

I can say with confidence that God eventually led me away from a career direction of safe and secure boredom, with little job satisfaction. And, he ‘steered me’ towards a path where my abilities were actually of ‘value to the community’. Not surprisingly I guess, I came to gain real job satisfaction through that process. Also, that new profession offered me skills to seriously analyse and evaluate ‘Christian faith when applied to life’ for this website. (Please see the article, “About website”.)

At one stage in that ‘new profession’ (as explained above) I was tempted to apply for a ‘cushier’ job with less responsibility but higher pay. I was certainly qualified for the job. However, ‘God’s leadings‘ made it clear to me that I should not apply. So I stuck with my job, and ‘put my head down’. And did my best. A few months later I became second in charge of our specialised team. Within another couple of years I was the head of the branch, reporting directly to the CEO. But look, I certainly knew this wasn’t just about me (and more about that later). I knew I was also going to face added responsibilities in that job.

Yes, finding the ‘right way’ forward in my career – that would also deliver positive outcomes for my public/ civil service organisations and their often vulnerable clients – became much more obvious to me as a result. And of course I specifically ‘prayed for guidance‘ on many occasions.

So … I came to find the Lord had been setting me up. He knew where my abilities lay and how they could help others in need. Yes, he ‘knew me inside out’ after all. 

3.2    God’s ‘helping hand’ with our career/ job

As I wrote in a previous article, in this section of the website, one of the best examples of ‘God’s helping hand‘ (providence) in my life was actually experienced through his assistance with my job.

As my career had progressed further, into senior management within large government agencies, I came to know that I could genuinely count on his assistance. And that happened both on a day-to-day and long term basis. I REALLY knew that I was never alone! I completely trusted the Lord and he lovingly assisted me in meeting my well-intentioned commitments, that were based on his guidance after-all.

Do I hear you saying, “Oh yeah really” as you read all this stuff? But to me, the chance of new well-intentioned work methods and indeed day-to-day challenges just continually succeeding under my leadership, were so ‘against the odds’.

Longer term issues

One very memorable example, for me, related to a major programme that some of my team were rolling out under my leadership. They were doing so through our entire large statewide organisation. The programme was ‘cutting edge’ stuff, just beginning to be used throughout the world. So my team and I certainly had a few loose ends to deal with along the way. But again I definitely knew I wasn’t on my own ‘when the chips were down’.

As an example, some helpful advice that we needed began to arrive through a chance meeting. That is between me and an ‘international’ guest speaker at an ‘interstate’ training session I had attended. The training session related directly to our project. I found myself seated beside the guest speaker as we ate dinner, after the session finished. (There were very high odds against us ever getting together of course!) During the conversation with him, I was able to help with a small problem he had within his own work responsibilities back home. He let me know shortly afterwards that my advice had solved his problem. We really were long-distance friends from that time onwards.

I also came to receive advice from him, when I needed it for that major project. And vice versa. Again and again, this stuff continued until our local programme was an ongoing success. YES, I trusted the Lord 100%. And he didn’t let me down!

That programme was successfully rolled out through my organisation, absolutely thanks to God’s helping hand. Indeed I ended up being invited to lecture on the subject, at a conference for professionals, in the international guest speaker’s own country. While I was there, I was also able to ‘compare notes’ with a number of organisations through that country. So, more improvements for our own programme back home. I must add, this all related to ‘healthy’ risk free service delivery for my organisation’s needy clients.

Day-to-day issues

And the same results occurred with our regular day-to-day projects, under my leadership. They succeeded too on a ‘year in, year out’ basis. The sense of purpose in that job, that just kept increasing over the years, was what really rewarded my earlier faith-based decisions.

Look, I could even rely on the Lord’s ‘coded’ advice as I travelled across city for meetings with other senior management. For example I would confidently know how ‘smooth’ those meetings were likely to be before I even arrived. Lots of extra thought for me, during the journey, could then increase the chance of a successful outcome for us all. Maybe, on occasions, I would also contact my staff back at our office to gain specific info before entering the meeting.

I knew I could bring any small issue arising on any day to God’s care and – if it really was important, for all concerned including our staff and clients – expect a positive result for my organisation. Yes, I trusted him so much as a result of his ongoing assistance in the past.

Hopefully the article, “Trusting God day to day” will also be useful for you: guide you on how to walk in trust with the Lord during daily work responsibilities. That is by letting him help you, through trust, to deal with challenges facing you in your daily employment.

And what was the effect of this career/ job stuff on my relationship with the Lord? Well! I think you can guess the answer …

3.3    How you can engage with him there

Most importantly, in this article, I hoped to highlight that if you deliberately ‘engage with God’ in your career/ job/ workplace then he will help you too. And do so in a pretty obvious way in the long term. I offer other articles on this website that will support you during the process. Just click the links through this article ‘for starters’.

I will also add, based on my experiences, that you should be ready to faithfully follow his lead during your whole life, recognising the Bible-based ‘it’s not all about me’ approach. Please have a look at the article “What does faith offer us?

All I can finally add is, please apply this stuff to all of your life’s endeavours. I will be surprised if it does not work for you as well as it did for me.

3.4    It’s not all ‘smooth sailing’ though

But unfortunately, as the heading above says, our work … and even our education … won’t all be ‘smooth sailing’. For example, we may well experience bullying and harassment at times. Each of us can also find ourselves facing serious work challenges, that can seem unfair, on any day. Jobs, that we may enjoy and financially depend on, can be lost too. However, we can engage with God for assistance, say ‘through prayer‘. Although we do need to understand what works and what doesn’t in these areas of concern (as explained on this website).

And the article following this one, titled “God during hard times”, may offer guidance that can assist you during any other tough times in your education, job or career. Or anywhere in life for that matter.


Firstly, I want to make it very clear that I am absolutely not trying to present myself as special in this article. Indeed, I am not special at all. The Lord assisted me in my career, because of my faithfulness to him and the needs of my various organisations’ clients. Rather, I was hoping to show you how God can lead an ordinary person to truly do better than they assume is their human potential. With regards to career choices, I emphasise that it does not matter what our job might be, as long as it adds some value to the community, God will assist in it.

I offer a number of other articles, related to this faith and trust stuff, on this website. In short, it really does amaze ‘analytical old me‘ just how willing God is to lovingly involve himself with us faithful Christians. He sure can make our lives that much more contented and purposeful, when we are ready to fully engage with him there. And TRUST him. That applies to the unavoidable ‘hard times’ in life, as well as the good times.

Continue to the next article, “God during hard times”.


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