Analysing then evaluating experiences of mysticism.
The basis of pantheist religions.
Experienced by Jewish, Christian and Muslim mystics too.
But is this mysticism stuff real?



The findings of my ‘piece by piece’ analysis and overall evaluation, as explained here, certainly helped me to develop the “So, what is God” article in this small subsection of the website. Have a read of that article, if you like.

I knew that the ‘theories of pantheism’ were normally based on religious meditation (mystical experiences). This applies to religions such as Taoism in its early form and large segments of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Over the centuries, notable mystics from the monotheist religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam have also documented their related experiences and findings.

To prepare myself, I began by reading translated, ancient written works such as the Vedas, Upanishads, Tao Te Ching and the Theravada that related to pantheist religions. I also read historical accounts of early monotheist mystics – from Judasism, Christianity, Islam – and read a few books related to the 20th century.

Then I moved on to classes about mysticism practises (religious meditation).

Above all else, if God could be recognised as the ‘real deal’ behind these mystical experiences … well … I wanted to achieve that for myself. (I am from a senior auditing background and the majority of my advisory team are Christian clergy. To glimpse the ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of this website please click here.)


It took some dedication, several years of it in fact, to reach my first genuine mystical experience. And, I certainly found that there is a ‘world of difference’ between the results of mind calming meditation (relaxation techniques) and genuine mystical experiences.

A mystical state of mind begins where the feeling of very deep relaxation, as in mind calming meditation, ends. In effect that sense of ‘deep relaxation’ ends at a point, about when we feel as relaxed as we think we could ever become. I found there was no exact moment that clearly indicated that the ‘magic of mysticism’ was about to begin.

In effect, it just comes as a ‘dramatic’ change to our state of consciousness. It’s a sensation of “WHOOSH!” The mind feels, after that moment, as though it has been launched into a totally different ‘zone’. There is no doubting about it. You know when you get there!


My eventual experiences in that state of mind certainly supported the pantheist views of God (and maybe surprisingly, the odd couple of related verses in the Bible’s New Testament).

3.1    The experiences encountered

I can honestly say that I felt the same levels of intense intoxication (i.e. seriously ‘whacked-out’), a loss of that feeling of my personal ‘physical existence’, and a sense of ‘one-ness with all’ that mystics of the pantheist religions write about. I also felt an overwhelming sense of huge-ness.

The final method for meditating that I had chosen, and through which I eventually succeeded in ‘breaking through’, included keeping my eyes open. And as a result I actually seemed to be able to look ‘right through’ reality, as I faced it, during those experiences. Within it, as best as I can explain, I witnessed a sense of shimmering/ quivering energy there!

I can certainly report that overall I ‘perceived’ some unmistakable ‘special-ness’ that dwelt there within those huge experiences. But, I just cannot clearly put it all into words for you.

The sense of ‘peace’ experienced there in those events doesn’t do the word justice either. And even though I was totally whacked-out by these experiences, I still (surprisingly) had most of my faculties. Yes, although I was totally ‘off my face’ I could, for example, walk a straight line and think effectively. It is really quite a ‘paradoxical’ state of mind (and spirit I guess).

My wife caught sight of me once in that altered state. One glimpse of my eye lids drooping down over my eyeballs led to a cry of horror from her.

3.2    But was it the real deal?

The mystically inspired nature poetry of intuitive geniuses such as William Wordsworth, that I had read, certainly made a lot more sense to me from that point! But, on my part, disappointingly there was no ‘guarantee’ to me that I was actually ‘connecting’ with God during the experiences. As immense as they seemed, I must add. At the time, they just didn’t quite convince ‘the auditor‘ in me. Hmmm?

Mind you, these experiences ARE obviously special enough to support many peoples’ religious beliefs. And that particularly applies to followers of the pantheist religions. Again, have a look at the article, “So, what is God?” in this subsection of the website.


Now, I warn you, what I write here, under that Heading 4 above, is going to look ‘weird’ to most readers. But to me, it IS the absolute truth. I have absolutely no reason to exagerate to you!

4.1    Yes, I was left with a ‘loose end’

Firstly, despite the power of those experiences of mine, and again what they indicated to me, they did not prove that I had actually experienced God there. Yes, I kind of supposed that I might have, but I had not proven it to myself! And that left a big ‘question mark’ in my mind for many years. Yes, the ‘auditor brain’, that I had been born with, made that problem all the worse.

HOWEVER, I did eventually come to receive some evidence of the genuine-ness of those ‘mystical’ experiences!

4.2    Unexpected but trusted source

And here comes the bit you may find hard to accept. It occurred many years after my actual experiences of mysticism, and through contact with a Christian Pentecostal pastor during a church event. And I must add that pastor absolutely didn’t know me from the proverbial ‘bar of soap’. Evidence of that type, and in that Christian setting, was indeed bizarre even to me.

The article, “Experiencing the Holy Spirit” includes a ‘rundown’ on events, and related spiritual experiences, that DO occur within the Christian Pentecostal/ Charismatic movement. That truly can ‘rock your socks’, as I repeat so often in that related area of the website. And I also offer an article based on my long term evaluation of it all, “Is this Holy Spirit stuff real?” Look, I know this ‘stuff’ seemed crazy even to me before I tested it all … but please read on!

4.3    I accepted the verdict

The incident with the pastor, mentioned above, is included under Heading 5.2 in the article, “Messages of knowledge”.

Effectively, the clergyman passed on a message to me, from God, making it clear that I had actually experienced him there in that ‘mystical experience’. And look, I had no idea that bit of advice was coming my way, at the time, let me tell you! The pastor just pointed his finger directly at me and simply said the words that God had placed in his mind.

And the message, forwarded by God, that came from the mouth of that pastor, began with the words, “And YOU, have known God in a way that non-one else here has … “

Yes, after that explanation from the mouth of the pastor, which is detailed in the article “Messages of knowledge“, I came to TOTALLY believe that the practice of mysticism REALLY IS all about connecting our minds to God’s creative all-empowering existence. 

Bear in mind too that I can also say that the mystical experience of a pantheist is a little different to that of say a Christian mystic. I have experienced both. The article, “Mysticism explained” further discusses the topic. And the article mentioned earlier, “So, what is God” offers an overall explanation.


In all honesty I could, like a Zen Buddhist, have just accepted what I had learnt from those early mystical experiences as all there was to know of God! Instead, due to my additional experiences of a ‘personal’ God within Christianity, I also have a practical understanding of other aspects of him.

I, like millions of other monotheist believers (Jews, Christians and Muslims) around the world at this time, have developed a personal relationship with God. That relationship of mine was first established thirty plus years ago, and has continually developed since that time. (And of course it has been continually analysed and evaluated, as this website demonstrates.)

My belief in the ‘God of monotheism’ is certainly based on my own life experiences as a Christian, and the evidence of God’s everyday presence there. I know that he really can hear each of us when we speak to him for example. I am totally convinced that it really is even possible at times to hear his “still small voice”. Also, from my experience, he definitely tries very hard to guide us all down the ‘right track’ in life. Look, once you know how to ‘decipher the Bible‘ for yourself, you can even recognise evidence there as you read it. And much, much more is on offer!


I have also witnessed stuff in so-called Pentecostal/ Charismatic church services that again really ‘rocked my socks’. It gave me sound evidence, as far as I am concerned, of God’s personal presence in those services. He is DEFINITELY ready to engage with us Christians in that environment; within related fellowships of faith. That is if we are ready for it!

I have devoted three sections of this website to ‘belief in God’. Please begin with the article, “How to believe in God” for an explanation on how anyone can find (and then evaluate) the evidence necessary to establish for themselves that the God of Christianity really does exist.

Undeniably as far as I am concerned, billions of people, over thousands of years, have proven to themselves that a ‘personal’ relationship with God is possible. And what a beautiful relationship it can be. Yes indeed, ‘thank you Jesus‘.