Who is he, the author of the majority of articles on this website? Well, his name is Peter Wise. He is a married male with a grown family, and also a grandfather.

Peter is Australian and a retired professional. He shifted from his accountancy career to internal auditing just as he began to seriously ‘trial’ Christianity for himself.

Internal auditing called for objective investigations, analysis, evaluation and consulting on his part. Apparently that was ‘right up his alley’. During the latter years of his career, Peter led an Internal Audit team belonging to a diverse and complex organisation (it had 10,000 employees). He reported directly to the CEO, and relevant executive committees.

The article, “Too good to be true?” is built around Peter’s journey from ‘arrogant atheist’ to ‘rock-solid believer’. He is confident that his auditing skills made it all the easier to come to that position. And he now admits that surprised even him at the time.

In hindsight, Peter says, the deeper he analysed practical Christianity at work – within both his and other people’s lives – the more positive, widespread evidence of God’s presence he found. That analysis went on for decades apparently, and is still in progress! The article, “Framework for evidence” offers Peter’s method for evaluating evidence related to our journeys of faith. He insists we need an approach like that, to make sure our ‘proof’ will stand the ‘test of time’.

Peter admits there is much more behind this website than just himself! For example, a team of qualified advisors have certainly helped along the way. To better understand the WHOs, HOWs, and WHYs of this website, please ‘click here‘.

If you do have an open mind and would like to believe in God; build Christian faith for yourself, please begin with the article, “How to believe in God?” And yes, Peter maintains that the results can positively be life changing!