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This (God in life) section, and the previous “God in church” section, both support the contents of the website’s primary or main section, “Journey of faith.” (Again see the Menu Bar  above.)

I do suggest you read the small article, “Sound Faith” from that Journey of faith section before going on, if you have not already. It offers a framework for: building that level of sound faith; proving God’s existence for yourself as a result of applying that faith actively to your life and by attending church; receiving the potential benefits of fully engaging with him!

During my professional auditing career I relied on disciplined analysis and evaluation to succeed. And when I decided to trial Christianity seriously, by applying it to my life and joining the Church, I certainly utilised my evaluation skills during the process. I can now report how successful that journey was, after thirty plus years of practise.

And if YOU are a ‘thinker’ like me, I will say that it won’t hinder your journey of faith at all. No, it will actually help you! Please note that I was supported by a qualified team when developing this website. The majority of the team members are Christian clergy. (To read more about the who’s, how’s and why’s of this website please click here.)

This particular article explains how we can recognise God’s presence; his existence by deliberately engaging with him in life.


Essentially, I came to find that the use of faith in everyday life can provide us with the opportunity to experience God’s presence there. That is, as he attempts to provide his loving care; his ‘grace‘, to each of us. God proves that he does exist, there in our lives, and as a result we benefit from his gifts of grace. More on that later.

I maintain that the Bible explains to us ‘who’ God is, what he wants of us, and how we can walk through life (and beyond) with him to our benefit. And it can be proven, to a large degree, by simply putting our Bible-based faith to the test.

Yes, it just proves itself, as many of the millions of Christians in the world can attest (certainly not just me). Without doubt to those who know him, he is a God of both love and action.


You may wonder at this point whether, as Christians, we can ignore the Church? That is, if it is possible to build belief in God by recognising his presence in our day to day lives, are there good reasons why we should join a community of faith: a church? The answer is a firm “Yes” from my point of view. If you like, see the brief article, “Why we go to church” for an overview of why.

For beginner Christians, the Church is a critical place to go for building knowledge of God and our potential relationship with him. For example it can guide us all in our search for Bible-based knowledge.

And to varying degrees, dependent on what type of church we attend, we can certainly witness and experience evidence of God’s presence there as well. Some of the ‘most powerful evidence‘ of God’s very existence is, for example, available to each of us in the Church’s Pentecostal/ Charismatic movement. Absolutely!

Becoming a true member of a church does also offer us a ‘sanctified’ relationship with Jesus. And that is such a special point in our faith journey … when we are ready for it of course.


But, getting back to the subject matter of this article, how do we start this use of ‘faith’ within everyday life? Well, most importantly, we must just take the first step, no matter how small it may be. We firstly trust or suppose through our ‘faith‘ that God is there. Then gradually we move on to fully using the two-way ‘personal relationship‘ that we eventually find is available to us.

4.1    Life changing potential

Basically, we look for God within our lives. We open ourselves ‘to’ him and fully engage ‘with’ him. And when we do, his life changing power; his loving care can be released there. Of course, by necessity there are limitations on what to expect from God in this regard. I expand on all this stuff later.

The fact of the matter is that when we do open our lives to him, in this manner within our journey of Christian faith, the evidence that flows to us does in turn give us rewards. So, yes we get the evidence we need to believe in him. And we gain positive benefits in our lives from the use of faith as a result. He really does want to lovingly walk with each of us through life! God especially wants us to ‘keep him in the loop’ during day-to-day life.

4.2    Our responsibilities

Yes, there are indeed life changing ‘benefits‘ available to practising Christians. But faith as such does come with responsibilities on our part as well. That becomes clear as our Bible-based knowledge grows.

Again I do need to make it clear that Christian faith is not just about what we can get out of it for ourselves. No, it’s not just ‘all about me!’ We consistently learn of our actual responsibilities, as practising Christians, through church attendances and of course reading the Bible.

4.3    God’s priorities for us

Before moving on I also want to make it clear that, although I know God can make our lives more purposeful and contented through our use of faith, I do not support the theories of “Prosperity Theology.” That theology – with Bible verses taken out of context according to my understanding and real-life experiences – suggests that we can all be totally healthy, wealthy and happy, with God’s help of course.

No, my view of contentment with life for us Christians, as a result of our faith, does not relate to financial wealth and certainly does not guarantee continually good health. The Lord knows each one of us intimately. His plan for each of our life journeys relates to our genuine ‘needs’, not our list of ‘wants’.  

And to be honest, each of us must also be prepared for bad stuff to happen in life eventually. The ‘rolling dice’ of chance, and our own poor choices, can both impact us negatively at any time in life. Those issues, relating to life’s hardships, and how God can assist us when they do occur, are discussed in the article, “God during hard times”.


Yes, we have to put an effort into creating that relationship with him. Firstly, there is no other way to ‘work out’ whether he really does exist. You can read that article, “A relationship with God” later if you like. Secondly, as I have highlighted already, we cannot receive the potential benefits of that relationship, i.e. if we do not engage with him.

5.1    Beginning to engage with him

From my own research and life experiences, there are two common areas where God’s presence can become evident to us within our ‘daily lives’. They are both readily available to people beginning their faith journey. The first is through recognising his guiding and helping hand. The second is through the beneficial use of prayer.

These areas, then, are where we can begin looking for evidence of God’s presence in our lives. Articles in this section of the website (see the Menu Bar above) discuss those Bible-based practises. I have also included some advice on how to hear God’s own ‘still small voice’.

5.2    Evaluating our beginner results

I suggest that you please take your time to read the guidance offered, through those links above, and then put it to the test. Begin to carefully build your own ‘evidence-based‘ belief as a direct result.

Now, I mentioned above that the Church’s Pentecostal/ Charismatic movement offers what I referred to as potentially powerful, personal evidence of God’s presence there; his very existence. But generally, evidence of God’s presence in our day-to-day lives is not as dramatic as that.

I am referring to the beginning of our faith journey here, when engaging with God through following his guidance, making prayers of request etc. When engaging like that, it’s usually more like recognising positive things happening, ‘against the odds’, as a result of that relationship with him. And on occasions ‘strongly’ against the odds.

Clearly us ‘thinkers’ are not too affected when stuff like that happens once, or maybe even twice in close succession. But when continual patterns of unlikely positive events arise … well we start to think about it all a bit more. We question outcomes eh?

In the case of those positive faith-based events, it is generally a case of ‘more of the same’, ‘more of the same’ and the possibilities/ probabilities that eventually arise from that. Remember my analysis and evaluation-based career. Like you, I can think!

5.3    Developing a deeper relationship

You will also notice how a number of articles, later in this section, explain where God’s presence in everyday life does become the most obvious. That includes when our relationship with him grows closer. Relevant articles are: “Mature prayer”, “Trusting God day to day”, “Trusting God with your life” and even “God during hard times”.

I am suggesting that once you have built up a basic level of belief in God, it is then a good idea to take the next step. That means working towards a closer, more faithful and trusting relationship with him. And that includes keeping him ‘in the loop’ within every major facet of everyday life.

I believe then you will find that the evidence really does start to ‘stack up’.

5.4    Don’t miss out!

My opinion is that quite a few Christians never ‘completely’ take that step above. They never build the deep relationship in life that God wants to have with each of us. These people can miss out on the level of ‘contentment and purpose in life‘ that God intends us to enjoy. But, it is up to each of us to take that step if and when we feel we are ready.

Clearly the added purpose in our lives, and that contentment mentioned above that we come to enjoy, are strong evidence in their own right of the reality of that relationship we hold with God.

All I can say in encouragement is – based on my own decades of practise and evaluation – the effort is truly worth it!


My own evaluation of the actual outcomes of applying faith in life, and its verification from other experienced believers, firstly highlighted to me that God will demonstrate his existence there as a result. BUT, he will make his presence all the more purposeful, beneficial and thereby obvious when we do choose to enter into a deep, trusting, faithful and committed relationship with him.

So yes, greater contentment with life is a major outcome of sound faith. Our lives are transformed substantially in a positive manner, ‘make no bones about it’. I am so confident to write this! Honestly, if I came to believe it so wholeheartedly, I am fairly sure you can too.

Yes, God’s presence in your life can become patently clear!

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