How God advises us through the mouths of other people.
We need to listen to personal advice
when making important decisions.



Importantly, please read the introductory article, “God’s guiding hand” to this subsection of the website (with the same title) before going on. That is if you have not done so already. It briefly describes the various methods of God’s guidance, available to us. And it discusses how they can assist us during life, especially if we deliberately harness them.

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Now, God normally allows us to make our own decisions in life. He may try to hint which way we should go, but he normally lets us make final decisions. A number of articles in this subsection of the website expand on his various methods of guidance … guidance we should follow by the way.

I maintain, based on my decades of evaluation, that these events are evidence of his loving care towards us.

This article relates to how God attempts to guide us with advice through the mouths of other people. First and foremost we are expected by God to seriously listen to other people’s advice, particularly when we suspect it is ‘wise counsel’.

Note this relevant quote, from the Old Testament:

The way of the fool seems right to him,
but a wise man listens to advice.
[Proverbs 12:15]


Certainly from my long term experience with, and evaluation of, ‘wise counsel’ it seems to arrive whether we ask for it or not. I really don’t know the exact mechanism God uses. Maybe, he gives such people the courage to advise us in a way that they normally would not. In any case, at this stage in my life, I particularly take note when advice on a subject of importance to my path in life comes unexpectedly from someone I know.

When it happens to you, there may well be recognition: “Gee, I wasn’t expecting her/him to advise me about that?” I can say again from experience, there is a kind of ‘dong!’ note to it … that is intended to unsettle us. That is, it indicates that all may not have been well with our previous decision making.

After years of analysis, I almost certainly know when to take heed of personal advice on life issues when I receive it.


Like me, I am sure you already know that bad experiences can be a ‘cruel teacher’, so it is in our best interests to be open to sound advice in this regard. And of course act appropriately.

Now obviously not all advice received from friends and family etc will be sound, so we do need to use some ‘discretion’ here. But if advice offered to us, in this way, gives sensible alternatives to our own thoughts on something important in life – our family, personal relationships, education, job, career, helping others, faith journey, acquiring essential assets etc. – then it pays for us to consider it seriously. And not surprisingly, I guess, we would especially consider advice from people we respect, especially Christian friends, family members or even our older friends.

Again, related to other articles in this subsection, I learnt the hard way not to quickly ‘write off’ advice like that. I gained my first lesson about not listening to such advice thirty plus years ago, and the words echoed in my head for a long time afterwards, in view of the prophetic message I ignored. There were significant results unfortunately.

As you can tell from my admissions, through these articles about God’s guidance – on ignoring all forms of guidance from God over the years and learning the hard way many times over – I have an ‘impulsive’ nature, that I definitely regret. I am clearly a slow learner. I sincerely hope you, the reader, can learn from my mistakes.


It is clear to me that we all should pay particular attention to advice we receive from other people. It is of particular importance when it applies to far reaching decisions that we are in the process of making. We must ask ourselves has God set-up the advice, due to likely bad results from a wrong decision on our part. As such, God can intend them to be a ‘wake-up call’.

The next article refers to how God tries to prevent us from making ‘bad life choices’. I am referring to potentially self destructive decisions there.

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