We exist on a perfect planet in the perfect universe.
Are we just extremely lucky?
It is not hard to accept God as THE creator.



Overall, our universe is recognised as having a perfect balance of order where it is required and chaos where that is required. It is also now clear that the universe we have, although being a complex open and indeterministic system (suffering from unpredictable and random events), had perfect organising principles engineered into it, indeed within its first nano seconds of creation.

A similar underlying organising principle, as explained in the previous article, also underpins the evolution of the inhabitants of this planet of ours, even to the extent of ensuring the continuation of life itself. Extreme complexity abounds throughout all the sciences. To all appearances, we simply are ever so lucky to actually be here, and be just as we are!

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‘The bottom line’ is that it is very easy, as a believer in God’s existence, to accept that he has a direct bearing on the causation of the universe. And that is especially so, in light of the perfection that is evident in all directions. To appearances, everything essential to us being here has seemingly fallen together so perfectly … too wonderfully well … to be anything other than a gift for us! The great Muslim philosopher, Averroes came to the same conclusion during his lifetime (1126 – 1198). It is far more obvious now.

Is that same “fuzzy unexplainable special-ness”, that I intuited during my ‘mystical experiences‘ decades ago, the root cause of the essential conditions in our universe and on this planet of ours? My choice is to believe so!

When I was an atheist, all those decades ago, I could only see reality as an expression of the laws of “cause and effect”. And the fact is that our grasp on reality must be based on its observed behaviour, i.e. the ‘hard and fast’ laws of Newtonian physics. (Nature must also be seen as running its own course – please see the article, “Suffering and evil” for an explanation.) However, I now know that I was fooled by my own inabilities and prejudices, preventing me from looking deeper.

In my ‘know all’ nature, at that time, I could not even envisage that beneath reality’s observed surface ‘something’ unfathomable and mysterious – on which the continued existence of every sub atomic particle depends – could be present!

It took me a while, but I eventually found the answer to the big question, “What or who put the universe here?” And the answer is “God!


Inevitably, confidence in God – as the creator and sustainer of ‘all that is’ – comes from recognising God’s presence ‘in the Church‘ and ‘our individual lives‘. We simply engage with him; open ourselves to him as the Bible explains. And when we do find him there, we then know what caused, and sustains, ‘all that is’.

Yes, we exist only because God exists. God is real!

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